Specimen Handling

Alcohol, Legal Blood- Spec Acquisition

Alopecia Consult, HCT Dermatopathology

Alpha-Feto Protein (AFP), Maternal

Arterial Puncture & Qualifications

Barcode Reader, LaserLite

Blood Acquisition for Insurance Physical- Backup

Blood Culture, Collection & Setup; BacT-Alert

Blood Recipient ID; Typenex

Blood Specimens, Routine Storage of

Bone Marrow Biopsy; Clarient

Bordetella pertussis, PCR

Capillary Puncture, Finger

Capillary Puncture, Heelstick

Chain of Custody

Consent and Time Out (Final Verification) Policy


Culture Transport

Drug Screen Collection- John Deere

Drug Screen Confirmation, Legal-Alere

Drug Testing, Meconium- MecStat

Drug Testing, Umbilical Cord; CordStat-5 USDTL

Group B Strep (GBS) rPCR Nurse Collection Instructions

Immunofluorescence to UIDL

Legal Sendouts, Pathology

Mayo Medical Laboratories

Metabolic Screen- Perinatal Specimen Col

Metabolic Screens, Neonatal; Specimen Handling

Microbiology and PCR Testing Collection Reference

Microtainer System

MRSA rPCR Nurse Collection Instructions

Nasopharyngeal Swab Collection for DFA; Fast Point

Patient Identification

Phlebotomy, Therapeutic

Quantiferon-TB In Tube Collection Instructions

Reference Test Log- General

Renal Biopsy UIDL

Shipment of Frozen Samples on Dry Ice

Shipment of Microbiology Specimen, SHL

Shipping Service, Express

Specimen Collection & Handling, Parasitology

Specimen Criteria- Microbiology

Specimen Identification

Specimen Identification Rejection

Specimen Processing, Anatomic Pathology

Specimen Processing, FNA (Gross Rm)

Specimen Processing, Mycology

Specimen Rejection- Pathology

Specimen Rejection Criteria; Cytology

Stool Collection- OP

Surgical Pathology Sendouts

Surgical Pathology Consult Referral; Patient Delivery

Surgical Pathology Consult Referral, Incoming

Throat Swab Collection for Culture; Starswab II

Transport of Specimens UCL DV to DBQ

Transport of Specimens to UHL or UIDL

Urine, 24 Hour Collection

Urine, 24 Hour Collection- P-Splitter

Urine, Midstream Collection

Urine, Midstream Collection- MA

Vacuette Sample Handling

Viral Studies