Point Of Care Table of Contents

POCT Program

POCT sites, local oversight & menu chart

ACT, Gem PCL- Operate POCT

BiliChek- POCT

Cholestech- POCT

Clinitek STATUS, Operate; POCT

Coagulation Studies, Hepcon- Operate

Fern test; Amniotic Fluid Crystallization test

Gastroccult- POCT

Gem Premier 3000, Ancillary- Operate

Gem Premier 4000, Ancillary- Operate--

Glucose, WB, Precision Xtra; POCT

Glucose, WB, Abbott Xceed Pro; POCT

hCG, Urine- QuickVue- POCT

Hemoccult- POCT

Hemoglobin A1c- POCT

Hemoglobin A1c, Siemens DCA Advantage; POCT

Hemoglobin Hemocue- POCT

Hemoglobin Hemocue Hb 201- POCT

Influ A+B, QuikVue; POCT

INR Alere INRatio2 (POCT)

pH Testing- POCT

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Periodic Quantitative Analysis

Protime- Coaguchek XS Sys (POCT)

Strep A Test, Genzyme OSOM- POCT

UA Screen- On Unit

Urinalysis Chemistry Screen; Manual POCT (NSPP)

Washed Auto RBC, Periodic Quant Analysis-POCT