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Software Control

Clinical Laboratory Information System Client Server (CLICS)


The purpose of this policy is to develop and maintain a context sensitive, standardized configuration for all workstations, both hardware and software. The policy is simple and straightforward so there can be no misunderstanding. Breech of this policy is grounds for immediate dismissal.


Outside (unauthorized) software is unsecured and can cause compatibility issues within our information system and/or introduction of viruses with potential for disaster. Therefore, all software (from diskette, CD and/or downloads from internet) being used must be approved by the Database Administrator (DBA), Shane Drinkwater. It will be the DBA’s responsibility to communicate at the director level when authorizing software.

All software, once authorized for installation, must be installed by LIS personnel only.


    1. S. Raymond, M. English



    L.I.S. Director:

    Technical Director/CIO:

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