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Print Screen; Print Screen Deluxe

Clinical Laboratory Information System Client Server (CLICS)


Print Screen provides a mechanism in LIS to print a screen for documentation of data or messages viewed on the screen. Print Screen Deluxe is launched automatically on PC startup or restart.


  1. Make sure that the “Print Screen Deluxe” application is launched on the PC.
    Check the Task Bar on the bottom of the screen. Print Screen Deluxe is designated by an icon of a printer followed by a “+” sign and a small blue monitor screen.
    If this icon is not visible, Print Screen Deluxe is not launched.
  2. Launching Print Screen Deluxe:
    1. Click on the [Start] button on the Task Bar.
    2. Move the indicator arrow up to “Programs” and locate “Print Screen Deluxe” icon in the “Start Up” folder.
    3. Move the indicator arrow over to the icon and click the left mouse button once to launch the application.
    4. When the Print Screen Deluxe screen opens, move the indicator arrow to the minimize [−] box on the upper right corner above the Menu Bar and click the left mouse button to minimize Print Screen Deluxe. The Print Screen Deluxe icon will then be located on the far right side of the Task Bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Printing a Screen:
    When Print Screen Deluxe is launched, press the “PrtScn” (print screen) key on the keyboard. The displayed monitor screen will print at the designated laser printer.
    1. M. English
    2. M. English (Revised: Addition of print screen for Windows ‘95)
    3. 2000 M. English (Revised: Added II.1&2)
    4. 2001 M. English (Revised: I.. II.1., 2.B.Addition of icon examples)

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