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Practice Point, Horizon

I. Principle:

Practice Point is the McKesson practice management used by Medical Associates. United Clinical Laboratories, Inc. (UCL) has been authorized to use this system to check patient demographic and patient insurance information for Medical Associates patients. NO OTHER USE HAS BEEN APPROVED. The system has been added to the UCL Insurance Department PC known as the “workhorse”.

II. Protocol:

  1. Open the Practice Point application by double-clicking on the “Horizon Practice Point” icon located on the Insurance Department “workhorse” PC desktop.
  2. Sign On:
    1. Type in the (Medical Associates IT Department) assigned user-specific User ID (typically the first letter of first name and up to 6 letters of the last name).
    2. Type in the user-specific user-defined Password.
      Note: Passwords are 6 to 8 characters, must include at least one number).
      Note: Password prompts for change every 60 days, if there are problems encountered, call Kim (584-4171).
  3. Patient Search:
    Note: Press Ctrl+L to retrieve a patient’s account previously viewed. ALWAYS PRESS CANCEL WHEN LEAVING A SCREEN.
    1. Click on the computer or checkmark on the toolbar to initiate a search.
    2. Searches can be performed by:
      1. Patient name
      2. Date of birth
      3. Social security number
      4. Phone number (may not work with cell phone numbers)
  4. Patient Information:
    1. Double-click on the desired patient from the list displayed or select (highlight) the line and click on the patient information.
    2. Click on “Employment” for more information.
    3. Click on “Business Office” or press Ctrl+u to see when the last update was made.
  5. Patient Insurance:
    1. Select (highlight) the desired patient name and click on “Patient Coverage”.
    2. Double-click on the most recent insurance line.
    3. If the patient has an insurance with a different payor, it will be listed in the literal address.
  6. Guarantor Information:
    1. Click on “Patient Coverage”.
    2. If the patient is the subscriber, click on the top insurance line and the information will display.
    3. If the subscriber is someone other than the patient, select (highlight) the insurance line and click “Display Subscriber”
  7. Copy of Card:
    1. Click on “Scanner” on the toolbar.
    2. Press Ctrl+L and the last 15 patients retrieved will display.
    3. Double-click on the desired insurance.
    4. A copy of the card will display; scroll down to view the entire image.
  8. Sign Off.
    Always sign off when work is finished. Usage is tracked by user.

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