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Phoned/FAXed Result Documentation; CLICS


Results that are phoned or FAXed must be documented for possible follow-up at a later date. This policy instructs the staff in the procedure for documenting the phoned results in the Clinical Laboratory Information System, which allows the documentation to be retrieved for management reports.


All phoned or FAXed results must be documented in CLICS using one of the following methods:

  1. Manual results entry with Transcription Review/Release:
    Refer to the “
    Result Review/Release, Transcription” procedure.
  2. Instrument Interface Result Review Release:
    Refer to the “
    Results Review / Release, Interfaced Instruments” procedure.
  3. Documentation in CLICS of phoned results at times other than during results release.
    Note: The CLICS Inquiry screen also has a [Call Result] button that can be used for documenting the reporting results when results are called or FAXed from the Inquiry screen.
    1. Click on the [Call Result] button to display the Phone/Fax Documentation screen.
    2. Click on the check box preceding the appropriate call or fax type(s).
      Note: The Tab background color will reflect the color of the call type selected.

    3. Complete the required fields.
      Note: More than one call type may be selected and a separate color-coded tab will display for each call type selected. Required fields of each tab must be completed.
    4. Click on the Save button after all tabs are completed to save all documentation
  4. Downtime:
    Follow the
    Phoned Results protocol outlined in the QA Manual when CLICS is not operational.
  5. Printing/Exporting the Call Results Log File:
    The printable report for the Call Results audit log is located under the Report option on the menu bar. Users with the appropriate security level can select Phoned Results to open the screen.
    1. Click on the down-arrow next to the Site field to select the appropriate site.
    2. Type in a start date and end date.
      Note: The end date must be greater than the start date.
    3. Click on the [Retrieve] button.
    4. The information in the audit log for the dates entered will display.
    5. Print File:
      Click on the Print button to print the audit log generated.
    6. Export File:
      1. Click on the Export button to export a text file to the desktop.
      2. Go to the desktop and right-click on the Called Results text file.
      3. Select “Open With” from the menu options and then select “Excel”.
      4. The file will open in Excel and can then be manipulated as desired and saved as an Excel document.
  6. Press Ctrl+n to refresh the screen and enter new dates or press Ctrl+F4 or click on the closure box [x] in the upper right corner of the report screen to close the screen.

Comprehensive Review:

    L.I.S. Director:

    Technical Director/CIO:

    Interim Review:
    November 2009 S. Hosch (Revised: II.1.C.e.)
    October 2010 S. Hosch (Revised: II.1.C.h., 3., 5.A.)
    October 2011 M. English (Revised: call documentation screen)

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