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Demand Reports


The Demand Reports utility, within the CLICS application, provides the capability of reprinting a patient cumulative report for either current results or archived results.


  1. Open the CLICS Demand Reports utility via the Reports option on the menu bar.
    1. Click on Reports on the menu bar to open the sub menu.
    2. Click on Demand Reports on the sub menu.


    1. The blank Demand Report screen will display.
  1. Type in the desired patient ID number or name and press enter or click on the [Search] button; the patient information will appear in the “Select Patient” section of the screen.
    Note: If search by patient name is chosen, a list of names matching the entries in the name fields will appear. Click on the correct name in the displayed list.

  2. Select the desired report type(s) for reprinting by clicking on report name(s) displayed in the “Report Types” scroll list.
    1. When a name is selected it will appear in the “Selected Reports” scroll list on the right.
    2. If an incorrect report name is selected, remove it by again clicking on the report name in the “Report Types” scroll list on the left.
    3. If all report types are desired, click on the [  ] ALL box, located just below the “Report Types” scroll list, to select ALL report types.
      If ALL reports are selected and there is no data to print for one or more of the selected report types, those report types will not print. Therefore, if in doubt as to which reports are appropriate, select ALL and only those reports with data to print for the date range indicated will be printed.

      Note: When “ALL” report types are selected, it is not possible to de-select a single or individual report(s). ALL reports must be de-selected by clicking on the [√] ALL box again, and then the desired individual report(s) selected.
  3. Type in the start date and end date for the tests to appear in the reprinted report.
    Note: Tests ordered for the date entered as the end date will be excluded from the report.

  4. Select the appropriate printer from the drop-down list.
  5. If the report to be reprinted consists of archived data, click the [  ] Reprint Data from Archive Table box, if this box is not selected the data will print from the Result Table.


  1. Click [OK] to initiate the demand report print or [Cancel] to clear and close the screen.
    Note: When [OK] is clicked a progress window will display. If the selected reports do not appear in the window during the printing process, then no data was found within the date range indicated for that report. Check the criteria entered and try again.


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